an easy way to create your own business on the blockchain and manage operations in crypto assets
Blockchain business product system
SAFINA is complete security of cryptoassets
We use a Black Box server located in the DMZ and designed as software without a user interface.
What are the advantages of Black Box server
Secret key inaccessibility
Conducting transactions in crypto assets
Facilitation of payments
Transfer of funds with protection against internal collusion
Partial automation of the process of signing payments
With Safina you are 100% the owner and controller of your assets
We guarantee business continuity
Safina provides disaster recovery options for recovering from losing access to your keys and for recovering from Safina service outages.
Safina deploys multiple layers of security to protect against internal collusion, cyberattacks and human error.
We eliminate internal and external attacks
Safina provides granular policy controls for transferring funds in and out of your wallets with audit trails at every step of the transaction.
We provide detailed control and visibility of each transaction
Safina runs on the highest performance ever available and easy to use platform.
We provide high performance
with ease of use
We provide a zero-risk counterparty environment
Safina never has access to your full private key when creating, signing transactions or backing up.
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