Protect all your devices with one simple and easy authentication app.
Safina 2FA is one level above all solutions on the market!
Your new level of two-factor authentication
Safina 2FA is a unique two-factor authentication service that provides maximum protection against hacking of your online services, accounts and accounts.
Safina 2FA Advantages
Easy export of one-time keys
Clear and fast connection system
Ane example of activating
Safina 2FA upon connection
We have significantly improved the security of your login and your information.
Offline generation of additional one-time codes (TOTP) and replacement every 30 seconds.
Passwords are stored on the user's phone without Internet access.
Safina 2FA Connectivity options
Direct access to our service
Limited by the number of keys, no more than 100 (suitable for small businesses)
Connecting via API on your own without registering a website
Connection via API with website registration in accordance with the requirements
Not limited by the number of keys (suitable for medium and large businesses)
Direct access to our service
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